We trust in good food - good for our bodies and good for our souls. Not only is our product made with love, but it is produced with intention.

Boho Soul Kombucha is unique as it is always fermented in small batches and in glass, each bottle unique and differing in carbonation and flavour. It comes to you in its all natural state.

Alive. Raw. True.

Boho Soul (n.)

free spirit, radical, independent, non-conformist, eccentric, hippie, oddball, bizarre, wild, artistic, free-thinker, wanderer, adventurous, lover of life and beauty

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in December 2015. I came across the benefits of ferments in my research. As of March 2020, I have been able to go off my medication (with my doctor's knowledge and guidance.) I am here to share the healing properties of kombucha and fermented foods with others. 

Alive. Raw. True.

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