Quarterly Ferment Box

It's Finally Here!
A quarterly food box full of ferments!
We trust in good food,
 good for our body... good for our soul.
All items are alive, raw, and true.
Our quarterly ferment boxes are only available
by pre-order and are ready for pickup (no delivery)
in the following months:
Summer Ferment Box 2020-June
Fall Ferment Box 2020-September
Winter Ferment Box 2020-December
Spring Ferment Box 2021-March
Pre-order opens the month prior to so stay tuned for ...
Summer Ferment Box-CLOSED
Fall Ferment Box- NOW OPEN August 1-7
Winter Ferment Box-November 1-7
Spring Ferment Box-February 1-7

Good for our body...good for our soul.

Alive. Raw. True.

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