Kombucha Scoby

Our kombucha is raw and brewed in small batches using

a green tea base and cane sugar,

then flavoured with 

real fruit or vegetable juice, herbs and spices,  and high quality essential oils.

As our product is Alive.Raw.True. it is normal to find small pieces of culture floating around, it's a good thing!

Keep refrigerated. 

Our Flavours

Primary Flavours

(Nutrition Facts Available)

-Raspberry Lemon

-Blueberry Ginger

-Hibiscus Lime

-Tangerine Mint

On Tap Flavours

(These flavours are on a rotation through the tap system. Drop down menu for flavours on the

ordering page will let you know what's available.)

-Orange Turmeric

-Strawberry 'Sangria'

-Peaches n 'Cream'

-Frosted Grape

-Pomegranate Punch

-Cherry n Rose Hip

-Elderflower Lemonade



-Earl of the Valley (RAW)

-Lake of Oolong (RAW)


-Mango Oolong (SPRING/SUMMER)

-Saskatoon Maple (FALL/WINTER)

-Apple Chai (HOLIDAY)

Apple and Pine Spring Market

-Purple Rose Lemonade

-Summer Nights

-Prairie Sunshine



*With the occasional

limited edition flavour available!*

Boho Soul Kombucha


Small batch. Locally brewed.


Kombucha, a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).
Benefits with each sip include, but are not limited to;
-living enzymes to promote healthy digestion
-lactic acid to help naturally detoxify the liver
-beneficial bacteria to balance the gut microbiome
-antioxidants to enhance the immune system
Kombucha benefits those who;
-are suffering from gut or digestive issues
-are experiencing yeast overgrowth
-are subjected to a weakened immune system
-are struggling with skin conditions
-are affected by stress
Boho Soul Kombucha

Kombucha 101

A SCOBY is the mother culture required to produce kombucha. It creates a new SCOBY during each fermentation which is then called a baby SCOBY.

The sugar in kombucha is not for you the consumer. The sugar is necessary for the fermentation process to occur. The sugar feeds the yeast, which creates natural co2 and ethanol, which then feeds the bacteria enabling it to convert into acidic acid and other acids.

Kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol due to a result of the fermentation process. It helps to protect and preserve the brew. FDC requires an alcohol level <1.1%.