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Quarterly Ferment Box

Good for our body...good for our soul.


The gut-brain connection shows us how our gastrointestinal system can impact brain function and can be closely linked to

cognitive performance and mental health. 

A healthy and happy gut microbiome is essential

for overall health and wellness. 

So trust your gut and fuel your body with clean, probiotic rich foods!

A quarterly food box full of ferments!
We trust in good food,
 good for our body... good for our soul.
All items are alive, raw, and true.
Our quarterly ferment boxes are
only available by pre-order
(delivery available per schedule located at the bottom of our 'shop' page)
and are ready for pickup in the following months:
Spring Ferment Box 2021-March
Summer Ferment Box 2021-June
Autumn Ferment Box 2021-September
Winter Ferment Box 2021-December 
Pre-order opens the month prior to so stay tuned for ...
Spring Ferment Box-CLOSED
Summer Ferment Box-CLOSED
Autumn Ferment Box-CLOSED
Winter Ferment Box-OPEN until November 7, 2021
Special Edition Ferment Box-OPEN until November 7, 2021
Keep Refrigerated.

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Winter Box 2020
Winter Box 2020

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Summer Box 2020
Summer Box 2020

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Please Note:

-fermented foods must be refrigerated

-fermentation acts as a natural preservative, consume within 3-6 months 

-foam on top of your ferment is caused by microbes creating gas

-vegetables may be slimy due to the sugar dextron

-effervescence or carbonation is normal, sugars are continuing to be digested

-do not eat fermented foods if mold is present

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