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Alive. Raw. True.

We trust in good food - good for our bodies and good for our souls. Not only is our product made with love, but it is produced with intention.

Boho Soul Kombucha is unique as it is always fermented in small batches, each bottle unique and differing in carbonation and flavour. It comes to you in its all natural state.

Alive. Raw. True.

Boho Soul Kombucha
Boho Soul Kombucha

Boho Soul Market

Home of Boho Soul Kombucha

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Boho Soul Kombucha

Here to serve you!

Monday to Wednesday 10am-4pm
Thursday 10am-6pm
In-Store or Curb-side Pick-up

Thursday Delivery
(see shop tab for details)

Bottle returns accepted. 
Return 9-500ml bottles, get one FREE!
Return your 1L or 2L for discounted refill price!

Quarterly Ferment Box

Quarterly Ferment Box

Disclaimer: I am not a physician and the information on this site is not medical advice but simply information. 

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